What is the Global Competence Certificate?

Designed to support learners participating in an international experience, our Global Competence Certificate builds their global competence; the knowledge, skills, and understanding we believe are needed to create a more just and peaceful world. The content, now available in 7 languages, is designed to meet key educational goals that help learners develop intercultural competence and deal with cultural adjustment. These goals are organized into four core areas:

This is what GCC is all about

“In what ways did this change the way I thought about my cultural identity? It made me think about my cultural identify –period. I had never thought of it before.”

Kevin Klein, Intern Finance and Budget Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship Program

Regardless of program type, intentional educational interventions are necessary for intercultural learning to happen.

That’s why we offer the Global Competence Training Program (GCTP) and the Global Competence Certificate (GCC). The GCTP is based online while the GCC combines online training and guided reflection with Qualified Facilitators. The GCC blended learning program is flipped to deliver content online, in multiple languages, and leverage offline facilitation for deep reflection about intercultural learning. The program is modular and developmental, helping learners grow at their own pace, with ample opportunities for peer-learning with other participants from around the globe.

See a sample from one of the 18 online modules: