Gain Experience Abroad

activate your potential to become future changemakers

Our highly curated programs aim to help participants understand, define and achieve their global ambitions. Living, interning or volunteering across borders and in multicultural communities transforms lives, creates global citizens and empowers changemakers.

Volunteering in Indonesia

We offer sustainable service programs in
Indonesia for Non-Indonesian volunteers.
Programs are curated to ensure real impact to
local communities, in support of UN's
sustainable development goals to end proverty,
protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.

Volunteering in Indonesia allows you to get the
perfect balance of experiencing the picturesque
scenery and the vibrant local culture, while also
contributing to a real change to the local community.
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Volunteer and Internship Abroad

We offer wide range of programs and
destination which helps participants build their
network reach and build competency and skills to
survive in the ever evolving global landscape;
We get you ready to make a positive and
impactful mark in society through our
Experience-Based Intercultural Learning
Framework (EBICL Framework)

The programs are for Indonesian citizen.
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