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Join us in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia, where you get to volunteer for the development of the community at hand and get ready for an intercultural journey unlike any other!

Making Arts and Education Accessible with English Art Lab

This organization combines story-telling, theatre, and youth development, and turns it into a performance that aims its audience to reflect and grow from there. Find out the amazing projects they run and how you can be a part of it!

Staying Grounded and Branching Out in Lumajang

From sustainable farming, community-based tourism, and youth development, our partner organization in the idyllic East Java village is hard at work to improve the economic condition of its community. Read all of the amazing things they’re doing and get involved!

5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer in Indonesia

By participating in a volunteering program in Indonesia, you will get the chance to impact change in the country’s prominent social issues, while at the same time marvel at the remarkable nature and the authentic culture of Indonesia

Menjadi Relawan di Spanyol: Seperti Apa, Sih?

Lengkapi kemampuan dan skill set kamu dengan menjadi relawan di proyek kemanusiaan dunia. . Simak yuk artikel ini untuk mengetahui proyek kemanusiaan di Spanyol bersama Go Global Indonesia.

Finding Harmony with the Deaf-Mute Community in Bengkala

Over the past few years, there has been a small, but growing number of representations of the deaf community in the mainstream media. From sign language interpreters in news programs, the rise of deaf public figures and social media influencers, to a groundbreaking...